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The three points of digital transformation

Problem Δ 

Individual potential and strength analysis of your company regarding digital transformation is important, but there is no perfect solution.  

Goal Holistic solution, no waste of resources!

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Solution Σ

Project realization by going through a practice-oriented questionnaire.  


Goal Data sovereignty, customer interaction instead of simple product and process digitization!

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Resources ∞

Since the start of the project is very important, a holistic approach must be taken from the beginning.


Goal Integrated solution instead of isolated solution!

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Industry 4.0 Problem

The challenge of digital transformation.  


Renewal It?

Digitization = IT renewal?

Isolated solutions in IT. The supposedly perfect solution is quickly obvious and so large parts of the digitization budget are invested in the renewal of the IT landscape (Kröger, 2018).





efficiency trap

Technologies: From the inside out - the efficiency trap

Many companies are falling into an efficiency trap here. They work from the inside out, i.e. they invest in their own company instead of in their customers. Ultimately, however, it is precisely their satisfaction that decides whether a company can be successful in the long term. That's why we have to think the other way round - from the outside to the inside (Kröger, 2018).



The approach to waterfall thinking

"Especially in German-speaking countries it is still widespread that companies prefer to plan long, prepare long and then search for error-free solutions. But digital technologies have increased the speed and so solutions have to be tested and implemented quickly and efficiently". (Talin, 2018).




Industry 4.0 solution

A practice-oriented approach    


What is your answer to these questions?

1 . Why?





The real winner of the 4th industrial revolution is the customer. He should be at the very centre of every action.





2. What?




What strategy?

Cooperation and alliances lead to more expertise.



3 . Who?





Job requirements change, but not overnight. Key; agility at all levels.





4 . How?





The chosen project methodology (e.g. Agile vs Waterfall) should be adapted to the company. Sub-projects may deviate from this approach.







Here is an excerpt of the steps to be planned (resources planning).

Project Mgmt

  • Steering Committee
  • Project Manager

Employee Involvement

  • Function- & Ability-Related
  • ATTENTION Double Burden

Change Management

  • Culture of continuous improvement (KaiZen)
  • Alle sind betroffen, inkl. Das Topmanagement

Information System

  • Planning, Control & Communication
  • Innovation & Creativity


In digital transformation, the project manager is confronted with many interfaces. External support in the following project phases makes sense:
Evaluate | Design |  Execute | Close

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