Why Partnership between Fintech & Banks doesn’t work on early stage

The Role and Motivation of Corporate incubators in Fostering Innovation

There are several tools available for entrepreneurs in start-ups and small corporations to raise their idea or product. Such tools are (a) incubator, (b) accelerator and (c) corporate venture capital.
Incubator (a) it’s the seed with soil for plating, whereas (b) accelerator is already a little plant to grow (Gaskell, 2016). As shown in this example, accelerator is more an advanced idea that needs a push up. Thus, (b) is a time-defined program. On the other hand, since an incubator may even isn’t plant yet, it needs more developing time. Thus, (a) is not time sensitive. (c) is simply equity investments, which could include mentorship as well as partnership (Brigl et al., 2017).